OKLAHOMA CITY – A man accused of roofing scams in Oklahoma and Washington is facing a total of seven felony charges for taking thousands from Oklahomans in exchange for roofing repairs he never completed.

In a release, Attorney General Mike Hunter states his office charged Chad Davis, 38, a contractor in Noble, Okla., with four felony counts. These came after the attorney general's office filed three prior felony charges against Davis in February.

In all seven charges, investigators allege Davis used his company, Storm Shield Roofing and Restoration, to solicit customers — including several senior citizens — under the guise of roof replacements or repairs that he then refused to complete or refund payment made. Authorities say in both cases, Davis took around $40,000 from the victims using this pattern of fraudulent behavior.

All of the charges have been filed in Washington and Oklahoma counties, where the crimes were allegedly committed. Hunter said his office believes additional victims likely exist.

“Unfortunately, when we see a pattern of criminal behavior, as in this case, there are typically more victims than the ones who came to us,” Hunter said. “This individual repeatedly used the same plan of deception to target Oklahomans trying to repair their homes after severe weather. Taking advantage of Oklahomans, especially targeting the elderly for personal gain, is inexcusable.”