AGAWAM, Mass. — OMG Roofing Products has introduced a new RhinoBond tool with OptiWeld Technology, providing automatic calibration on membrane up to 80 mils thick. OMG’s exclusive OptiWeld Technology optimizes the energy required to generate consistent, high performing bonds with installed OMG RhinoBond Plates.

“While the RhinoBond System is already easy-to-use, roofing contractors frequently ask about a simplified calibration process,” said Patrick O’Connor, RhinoBond product manager. “OptiWeld Technology eliminates the manual calibration process by optimizing the temperature of the RhinoBond Plate during the welding cycle to assure the best bond possible. The process saves valuable time and labor for contractors during the daily set-up process.”

In addition to OptiWeld Technology, the new tool features an LED touch screen interface that controls the tool’s functionality. From the home screen, contractors can set a preferred language (currently English or Spanish, with other languages to be added in the future), adjust the brightness of the display screen, set the sound level and desired tone, as well as review and adjust the OptiWeld settings if necessary. 

“We wanted to ensure that contractors could also manually adjust the tool for specific circumstances,” said O’Connor, “so we also built that functionality into the tool to mimic the look and feel of RhinoBond Classic tools.”

OptiWeld Tools also track completed weld-cycles so that contactors can monitor daily productivity. In addition, contractors can troubleshoot from the menu and easily access the on-line Owner’s Manual if necessary. Other updates for the tool include a newly designed, ergonomically-friendly grip that provides operator comfort and enhanced protection for the activation trigger, more robust electronics for improved tool reliability, and a bold new graphic look that differentiates RhinoBond with OptiWeld from the thousands of RhinoBond Classic tools already in the market.

The new tool weighs 21 pounds (9.6 kg) and operates on 110V and 220V power sources for global use. Each tool comes with six magnetic cooling clamps, and a durable carrying case that protects the induction tool when not in use. Using a 12-gauge RhinoBond Power Cord (sold separately), the RhinoBond tool can be operated up to 100-feet (30 m) from the power source.

The RhinoBond System is designed for installing TPO and PVC roofing membranes and is approved for use by leading roof system manufacturers globally. The System uses advanced induction welding technology to bond roofing membranes directly to specially coated plates used to secure the insulation to the deck. The result is a roofing system with improved wind performance that requires fewer fasteners, plates, seams, and does not penetrate the new membrane. Since it was introduced in 1998, nearly 3 billion square feet (278 million square meters) of membrane have been installed with the RhinoBond System in 38 countries around the globe.