To grow, we have to have accurate data in front of us, and we must have confidence in that data. There's nothing worse than operating your business blindly or with data that is not factually correct. At Cotney Consulting Group, we provide our clients with Smartsheet custom solutions and Precoganalytics to go beyond knowing what has happened to provide you the best assessment of what will happen in the future.

Smartsheet Solutions

From pre-construction to closeout, connect your administrative and field teams, sub-contractors, and other stakeholders to a comprehensive view of your projects and make it easier to coordinate work in real-time and make educated, informed decisions. By providing integrated project visibility, you can reduce safety hazards, increase production efficiency, reduce redundant tasks, produce accurate schedules, and create an accountable and trackable work environment. With custom Smartsheet Solutions, you can transform nearly every aspect of your roofing business.

With Smartsheet, your project leads can be filtered and capture detailed data on roofing projects completed over the past: material costs, duration, labor-hours required, unexpected issues, and more. That information will help your company's estimators get a vivid picture of what a new project would need to complete and when crews will be available so work can begin.

Sales teams track leads, prospects, sales, contract closes, commissions, and close ratios. Deals move through the approval process with automated alerts and workflows. Approvals are preset to automatically request the required signatures and inform accounting or payroll about specific financial tracking needs. When work is completed, contract details, work notes, labor records, and accounting data are all moved into a closeout sheet for final review before archiving.

Your operations team can use Smartsheet to plan and schedule every aspect of a project by tracking its status as work progresses. Your managers can get real-time visibility into the completion stage of any project. If work is 25% complete, but 35% of the allocated materials and labor have been used, leaders can step in to identify the problems, reset processes or expectations, and get things moving in the right direction. Prior scorecard methods used would not allow you enough time to make any corrections. Now you are picking it up in the early stages of every project and can make decisions to save a project that would have went over budget and cost you money.

The service side of your business will significantly benefit as well. As you grow your service teams, you can easily track profitability by technician, truck, customer, or any combination you desire. You can gain valuable insight into profitability and more accurately predict revenue goals. Through portals, you can offer clients access to their data and improve communication.

Use Smartsheet to streamline all of your management and business processes. Some of the greatest "return on investment" comes when you track purchase order requests, inventory control both in the warehouse and on the Jobsite. Imagine avoiding duplicate purchase orders, wasted trips to the supply house, and finally have a way for your onsite team leaders to submit their needs for equipment, materials, and workforce directly from their phone. Time will not be lost in communication with built-in alerts notifying everyone who needs to know as soon as the request is submitted.

Regardless of the industry, a C-level position in any company has to have the information they can analyze, and need to know that it's accurate. The beautiful thing about Smartsheet is, once you get the information in, you can have dashboards with your KPIs and company benchmarks all preset on one side and actuals on the other half. You can make your projections with numbers, graphs, or whatever works for you, and in five minutes, you can access the health of your company.

Smartsheet, unlike so many other available platforms, is not an exclusive all in software bundle. You can have your accounting system that works for roofing. Use your favorite CRM and HR suite, and through various data connecting solutions, you can quickly and seamlessly have all of your systems connect to Smartsheet, making the process seem effortless. 


Precoganalytics combines BI, planning, predictive, and augmented analytics capabilities into one program. It uses your data to make relationships based on your company's past performances, and it analyzes and applies that information to create statistical predictions about the logical future outcomes based on your desired business model. Precoganalytics becomes a necessary capability for keeping a competitive edge in an ever-changing world of business. The following are a few reasons why your roofing business will benefit from precoganalytics.

Precoganalytics assists you to play to your company's strengths and your competitors' weaknesses. By tapping into this data, you generate insights unique to how you perform. Your organization's advantage lies in your ability to make changes in your operations based on this knowledge and predict your outcomes from the changes before you implement them.

Precoganalytics gives your company the knowledge needed to target the most profitable customers. Targeted marketing, substantially eliminate time wasted estimating the wrong project, and salesperson assignment with the right customer, all based on their predictive score.

The next step to growth beyond increasing sales is to advance your company's core competencies and how you deliver them. This could mean different things across your business. Still, at its core, the analytics can be used from everything from workload/workforce demands to identifying and matching your most efficient production and service teams to system types, geographical areas, and customer selections, and more.

When utilizing analytics to evaluate your company's performance, most standard methods will only summarize past success or failure. But Precoganalytics create learning outcomes from past experiences and recognizes mathematical trends and patterns within your data. The program uses them to anticipate unforeseen and forthcoming results.

Standard metrics and reporting have always provided valuable insight for decision-makers assisting in forecasting and can be a part of prediction or predictive modeling. Though forecasts take into consideration time series analysis or probabilities, prediction includes statistical theories. Precoganalytics takes things to the next level by employing scores specifically designed to suggest an action.

Precoganalytics is a smart way to add more vision and accuracy into your business decisions. The most challenging part of the process is the time it will take to collect your data. We have already formulated the plan to sort and analyze it. When you see the results, you will be amazed at what you can do.

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