TAMPA, Fla. – Gulfeagle Supply is proud to announce their new house branded synthetic roof underlayment; Gulfeagle SecureGrip25 manufactured by Continental Materials Inc. (CMI).

“We are very proud to be the manufacturer of Gulfeagle’s new roof underlayment. Working closely with the Gulfeagle team we were able to put together a product that is uniquely theirs and we will support their offering just as we do with all underlayment products we produce”, said Mark Hinterlong, director of underlayments for CMI.

This synthetic underlayment is proprietary to Gulfeagle and will offer roofing contractors an industry leading product and warranty. The Gulfeagle SecureGrip25 is 48 feet wide 250 feet long, provided in the “Gulfeagle blue” and boasts a 90-day exposure rating and a 25 year material warranty. The Gulfeagle underlayment is made with ultra violet inhibitors in all four layers of construction and each roll carries a tracking number for total traceability and quality assurance.

“Gulfeagle identified a need to provide a high-quality roof underlayment at a competitive price for our roofing contractor customers," said Gulfeagle Supply President Brad Resch. "We wanted something that improved their installations and efficiency but was reliable and available across all of our branches. CMI was able to provide us all of that in a product and make it for us in a great color that is all our own."

Stephanie Rich, vice president of purchasing and marketing, said Gulfeagle was early to identify a trend in house-branding synthetic roof underlayment, and this product gives the company the ability to be consistent and uniform in its offering to our roofing customers.

"Whether installing asphalt shingles, residential metal or even composite shingles, roofers should know that when they select Gulfeagle SecureGrip25 roof underlayment they will receive the same great performing product every time. Our contractors come to trust the product like they trust Gulfeagle.” Rich said.

The Gulfeagle house branded underlayment is rolling out now through the Gulfeagle locations. Please ask your Gulfeagle representative for more information or contact the Gulfeagle website at www.gulfeaglesupply.com.