HOUSTON — Westlake Royal Building Products™ introduced SwiftGuard™, a synthetic roofing underlayment for steel, tile, shingle and shake roofing.

The new roofing solution is easily installed and leverages a patented nail gasketing technology to provide durable all-season weather protection. Westlake Royal™ will unveil the new underlayment at the International Roofing Expo (IRE), Feb. 1-3 in New Orleans, booth #1713, and at the International Builders’ Show (IBS), Feb. 8-10 in Orlando, in booth #W2771.

“SwiftGuard is the only synthetic roofing underlayment recommended by Westlake Royal™”, says Eric Miller, vice president of sales and marketing for Westlake Royal Roofing™. “We look forward to introducing this all-new solution to our contractor and builder customers at the upcoming 2022 IRE and IBS events.”

SwiftGuard is ideal for use in steep slope roofing installations. The underlayment benefits from an innovative, patented nail gasketing technology, which helps ensure steel, tile, shake and shingle roofing systems are better able to withstand the elements in all climates and seasons. Because of this technology, along with the product’s UV and thermal stability, SwiftGuard may be left uncovered and exposed to the elements for up to six months, or 180 days, without degradation.

The underlayment boasts a high-grip backing and a non-woven thermally-embossed fiber face for increased deck grab and superior walkability. The product is available in 10-square (1,000-foot) rolls weighing just 35.5 pounds each, providing lightweight ease in transporting, loading, installation and storing.  Clearly identifiable lay lines and fastening markers also enable swift and easy installation.

SwiftGuard meets the physical properties of ASTM D226 Types I and II and is compliant to AC188 and ASTM D1970, Section 7.9.

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