HOUSTON — Westlake Royal Building Products showcased its DaVinci Roofscapes line of premium composite slate and shake roof tiles at the 2023 International Builders’ Show (IBS). Province™ Slate, the new single-width slate product from DaVinci, was a featured product in the Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions section of the booth.

DaVinci composite products offer builders and roofers alternatives to costly, hard-to-get real slate and cedar roofing products. Product highlighted at the booth included:

  • DaVinci Province Slate – The single-width roofing features a 12-inch wide tile with a fixed 8-inch exposure. DaVinci Province Slate tiles evoke a historical nature with authentic natural slate appeal and non-repeating beauty. Each tile has an enhanced backside rib structure and self-aligning ledge for ease and speed of installation.
  • DaVinci Multi-Width Slate – All DaVinci products are made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, along with a highly-specialized fire retardant. These state-of-the-art tiles create enduring beauty on a home or commercial project. The 1/2-inch tiles are available in 12-, 10-, 9-, 7- and 6-inch widths and can be installed at 6-, 7-, 7 1/2-, and 8-inch exposures. Installation can be straight or staggered and, as with all DaVinci products, tiles arrive at the job site bundled and pre-sorted by color and size, eliminating sorting and guesswork by installers.
  • DaVinci Single-Width Slate – Made of the same long-lasting materials as other DaVinci products, the DaVinci Single-Width Slate tiles are 12 inches wide with a 1/2-inch thickness. Modeled from actual slate, the tiles can be installed in straight or staggered positioning at 6-, 7-, 7 1/2-, and 8-inch exposure.
  • DaVinci Select Shake – For realistic looking shake tiles, DaVinci Select Shakes capture the authentic look of real cedar. Taken from natural wood profiles, molds recreate 5/8-inch thick traditional shake profiles with 8- and 10-inch widths. Ten-inch pieces have a simulated keyway, giving the look of 4- and 6-inch shakes to create a multi-width appearance. Available in eight natural colors. Unique tile design allows for fast installation.
  • DaVinci Multi-Width Shake – Duplicating the profiles of real cedar, DaVinci Multi-Width Shake composite tiles have the advantages of color stability and resistance to fading, rotting, cracking and pests. The 5/8-inch thick tiles are available in 9-, 8-, 7-, 6-, and 4-inch widths to create a realistic, natural-looking cedar shake roof. Tiles can be installed at 9- or 10-inch exposure, showcasing the deep grooves and realistic grain patterns that combine to create dramatic shadows and visual richness. Select from nine distinct true-to-nature colors.

Both DaVinci Select Shake and DaVinci Multi-Width Shake profiles come in the Nature Crafted Collection of nature-inspired colors, including Aged Cedar, Black Oak and Mossy Cedar. Each color reflects different progressive aging processes found on real shake shingles.

Features and Benefits

Made of virgin resin, DaVinci tiles resist splitting, cracking, curling and fading. Each tile has been crafted to resist high winds, mold, algae, fungus and insects. Available in dozens of colors and color blends, the DaVinci composite tiles come with a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty.

All DaVinci composite products are Class A fire and Class 4 impact rated. They are certified to straight line winds up to 110 mph and high velocity hurricane winds up to 180 mph. DaVinci products are made to meet the code restrictions set forth by Miami-Dade County, FL NOA, HVHZ (TAS 125, up to 180 mph), CA Title 24, Texas Dept. of Insurance, WUI 4175 and CCMC14094-R.

Manufactured at Westlake Royal’s DaVinci Roofscapes facility in Kansas, the maintenance-free composite roofing tiles are made with color throughout each piece and require no painting. All composite tiles are recyclable and serve as an environmentally-friendly alternative to real wood shakes and natural slate tiles.

Launch of the Immersive Experience

DaVinci’s Province Slate and Select Shake products play a primary role in the launch of the Immersive Experience, an online 3D interactive program being introduced by Westlake Royal Building Products. The two premier composite roofing products are featured on six schemes of the Custom Home design.

The Immersive Experience invites participants to explore product, color and texture options for enhancing the exteriors of three unique homes. Contractors, builders, architects and homeowners can discover the array of materials and color palettes available as they explore the Custom Home, Mid-Range Home and Multi-Home Builder designs available.

After an avatar introduction to the Custom Home, participants can interact and choose hotspots to learn about product details and color options. A wide variety of products from other Western Royal Building Products companies can be selected to show the boundless options available for customizing exteriors.

DaVinci Color Visualizer

Another focus on color for DaVinci this year is the re-launch of the company’s Color Visualizer. The free online interactive tool allows users to upload a picture of their own home (or use a sample image on the program) to “try on” different types, styles and colors of DaVinci roofing products.

The DaVinci Color Visualizer allows builders and roofers to show homeowners a preview of how a DaVinci roof will look on their home, and can be used as a sales tool. It can also be used by homeowners in their initial product selection stages to determine what product and color they feel works best for their home. A “My Projects” section allows the user to save different configurations to share with others.

To provide users with the best experience possible, the DaVinci Color Visualizer also allows for different exterior wall features and trim products to be changed out. Custom services are also available for purchasing professionally prepared projects and for ordering aerial measurements of a property.