RICHLAND, Wash. — Healthcare workers are on the front line tirelessly battling the COVID-19 pandemic, so a roofing contractor is looking to repay one such person for their efforts.

Black Diamond Roofing & Construction in Richland, Wash, is teaming up with GAF Roofing and MacArthur Company to give away a roof to a deserving local healthcare worker. The donation will include labor and materials.

Black Diamond Roofing & Construction President and CEO Josh Shupe told ABC-affiliated KATU that several of his friends work in the medical field, so he is aware of the long hours they’ve been investing to help fight COVID-19 while everyone else remains sheltered in place.

"As a company we wanted to give back to the community during this kind of ‘corona craziness’ is what I'm calling it,” Shupe said.

According to KATU, the act of kindness was inspired by Shupe’s brother, Jake, who owns Barracuda Coffee Company. Jake asked his customers to sponsor cups of coffee for medical workers to help them make it through the long hours.

"Everybody's been kind of thrown through a loop — nobody likes what's going on right now, so if there's just any way you know, no matter how big or small, that's in your capacity to be able to give back to somebody, I would just ask people to see what they can do,” Shupe told KATU.

In Shupe’s giveaway, the recipient will receive a roof with a 50-year material warranty and a 25-year labor warranty. The public is invited to visit Black Diamond Roofing’s website and nominate a local medical hero. According to Black Diamond Roofing, the company has received more than 100 nominations as of April 2, and will continue to accept nominations until April 17.

“We want to hear stories about why you guys think that this person deserves to win a free roof,” Shupe said in a video.

Black Diamond Roofing is among the many roofing companies that have stepped up to give back and support the medical community, including manufacturer Duro-Last producing gowns and face masks.