Scope Tech has launched a new Chrome extension called RoofScope Easy Order aimed at helping contractors place takeoff report orders quickly and easily.

The Chrome extension makes it super easy to order a report as it eliminates the need to visit the RoofScope website. Instead, a contractor now can order their aerial measurement or takeoff report from any website or web based CRM.

By simply highlighting an address on any website or CRM and clicking the Scope icon in their browser, the address appears instantly in the Easy Order pop-up window. Contractors then place their order inside the Easy Order pop-up window and can order any property type, size or Scope report needed without leaving the page they are already on.

“We’re excited by this new feature and how it will help contractors save time and track orders more easily,” said Jerod Raisch, company founder and CEO. “It also allows users to compare prices if they happen to be on a site run by one of our competitors. We think this is a game-changer for contractors.”

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