ONTARIO, Canada — Enviroshake has unveiled a roofing shake that boasts a Class A fire rating without the need for supplementary products.

Composite roofing products are highly sought after for their authentic, natural appearance and unmatched performance. But as their compositions include plastic and/or rubber, they have long struggled to obtain fire ratings higher than Class C. As a result, composite roofing companies often disguise their Class C fire ratings by advertising "Class A roofing systems" that depend on other products like underlayments, which can be complicated and expensive to install.

Enviroshake sets itself apart from these products with its newly available unconditional Class A fire rating (ASTM E108). The product does not require supplementary products other materials rely on to achieve its best-in-class fire rating. Instead, its intensive scientific testing and state-of-the-art engineering processes have developed a product that boasts an unconditional Class A rating independent of such "systems."

The product is welcomed news for property owners in areas with an increased risk of wildfires, such as California, and it offers Enviroshake a distinctive competitive edge.

Enviroshake’s engineered composite roofing products authentically replicate the aesthetic of natural cedar shake and slate. Its formula includes a sustainable combination of post-industrial recycled plastics, elastomers, and natural wood fibers, and its manufacturing process ensures durable and long-lasting performances.

For more information about Enviroshake or its Class A fire rating, visit www.enviroshake.com.