JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — For the third year in a row, Reliant (formerly Reliant Roofing) has given back to its community by donating much-needed roofs through its Every Shingle Heart initiative.

The annual program was created as a way for the Jacksonville-based company to provide families and local organizations in need with new roofs. In 2018, it chose to assist residents as well as a nonprofit organization.

For 2019, Reliant continued this tradition by assisting Daniel Kids, a nonprofit that seeks to ensure vulnerable children and families are provided with the skills and support to become resilient, healthy and contributing citizens.

This week, Reliant replaced the roof of Woodcove Cottage, one of Daniel Kids’ facilities. As part of its services, the nonprofit provides housing for children and families with emotional and mental health needs. Woodcove Cottage houses many young females, ranging from ages 5 to 17, who are in the Residential Mental Health Treatment program.

CBS-affiliated WJAX was at the jobsite for the replacement, using aerial shots to show the extent of the work being completed. The job would normally cost $25,000, but Reliant provided the materials and labor for free, which included at least 30 workers.

“The roof is definitely aged out, it definitely already had some leaks on the interior,” CEO Sean Shapiro told WJAX.

It was estimated that the last roof replacement took place more than 20 years ago. Rebecca Whitfield, director of residential services at Daniel Kids, said it was definitely time for an update to the roof, and expressed her gratitude for Reliant’s generosity.

“A huge part of what we want to provide is a safe, healthy living environment, and having the maintenance and the upkeep of the building can be very expensive,” Whitfield told WJAX.

For its second 2019 project, Reliant selected a local resident named Betty. Known as “Ms. Betty” around her neighborhood, she is a nurse who has raised five girls as a single parent and acts as a second mom to many others. She has even volunteered at the local penitentiary to help inmates with medical needs, all while working to pay off the home she’s lived in for 47 years.

“She is one of the first recipients Reliant has ever had that was nominated by numerous people. That just goes to show the impact that Betty has had on her local community,” said Adrienne Menzies, director of public relations at Reliant.

Unfortunately, Betty has been the victim of scammers. Two different roofing contractors have taken her money and disappeared. She has also recently endured losing one of her children and the passing of her mother this year.

“She has always gone out of her way to help everyone she can. It's time for her to be on the receiving side of a blessing,” said Menzies. “We can’t wait to help out Ms. Betty! She truly could not be more deserving of a free roof.”

Reliant’s Every Shingle Heart program has gone on to inspire other roofing contractors to help their communities. Four Twelve Roofing in Maryland recently completed its first-ever project for its Baltimore Roof Trust program, providing a free roof to a deserving resident.

“Our friends in Jacksonville have set a tone for local businesses in their area — investing in their community and showing folks what true leadership looks like. We are excited to bring programming like this to Baltimore City,” said Sam Frank, co-founder and partner at Four Twelve.

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