COLUMBUS, Ohio — Roof Maxx, a network of roofing restoration experts, has selected the Dispatch platform to manage distributed Roof Maxx service providers in 400 cities across 47 states.

The Roof Maxx network leverages sustainable technology to treat roofs and delay replacements for up to 15 years, all at a cost of approximately 15-25 percent of a complete replacement. This is accomplished through the use of eco-friendly, plant-based spray treatments to restore a roof’s flexibility and waterproofing protection.

In a recent study from Ohio State University, asphalt shingles account for 80 percent of U.S. roofs, with 7 percent replaced every year. The study states even if 1 percent of single-family homes apply a product like Roof Maxx instead of replacing the roof, 2.8 million tons of landfill waste could be avoided every year.

"We think our product is the best and most innovative offering in the market," said Roof Maxx CEO and founder Mike Feazel. "Our homeowner service experience should be just as modern and innovative.”

To improve its services, Roof Maxx dealers can provide Dispatch’s platform for a modern, mobile customer experience — including On My Way notifications, scheduling, payments and customer reviews and ratings. The Dispatch platform also captures and quantifies on-site data previously unknown to both Roof Maxx and its dealers, serving up insights that help drive better and more efficient operations.

“Dispatch is the only home services technology company that truly focuses on enterprises with decentralized service providers and locations,” Feazel said.

Helping to formalize the multi-year partnership was Joshua Schure, Dispatch's Senior Director of Franchise Strategy, who described the relationship as "an amazing opportunity to provide Roof Maxx's network of hardworking service business owners with a comprehensive solution — while simultaneously delivering a modernized experience to their customers." 

Avi Goldberg, Dispatch CEO and Founder added, "Dispatch exists to provide tremendous value to top brands. Combining Roof Maxx's inherent product value with a next-gen service experience puts Roof Maxx in a truly differentiated position in the market."

Headquartered in Boston, Dispatch is one of the fastest-growing companies in America. It leverages its unifying platform and industry-leading technology integrations to help top brands manage decentralized service provider networks and gain visibility across multiple locations.

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