Since 1964, Nationwide Protective Coatings has had a long-standing commitment to environmentally friendly “green” products. Most of its products have VOC levels below the standard established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

To further its contribution to a Green World, Nationwide has introduced a Green Safe Program by adding a new Green Safe Product Technology Seal to the labels of its products that meet or exceed federal standards. In addition, the company is busily working to create new, even safer coatings that contain zero VOCs. The newest True Green Products are ENVIRO-3000® Interior and ENVIRO-4000® Exterior Zero VOC Ceramic Paints. The company calls them "True Green" because they have eliminated all VOCs from these products.

ENVIRO-3000® Interior and ENVIRO-4000® Exterior Zero VOC Ceramic Paints are available in extremely durable finishes, including Flat, Satin and Semi-Gloss. This paint is specially formulated with pigments and ceramic microspheres to provide insulating and soundproofing characteristics along with a uniform, easy to apply, excellent hiding latex finish. ENVIRO-3000® has passed the Class A Fire Rating Test ASTM E84-01 as per NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. The ENVIRO-3000® Paint product line offers a 20 Year Limited Warranty and the ENVIRO-4000® Paint product line offers a 15 Year Limited Warranty.

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