Boral - Hugh LaurieIRVINE, Calif. — Boral Roofing LLC has appointed two new vice presidents.

Hugh Laurie was named vice president of finance, and Harvey “Harv” Shelton was named vice president of operations.

Laurie has been employed with Boral Roofing Australia for almost a decade and Shelton brings almost three decades in the building manufacturing industry to his new role.

“We are thrilled to announce the well-deserved promotion of Hugh Laurie to vice president of finance and to welcome Harvey Shelton to the Boral Roofing family as vice president of operations,” said Darren Shulz, president of Boral Roofing. “Hugh’s experience with Boral invaluably spans all the company’s businesses in Australia and the U.S. as well as throughout southeast Asia. Harvey’s vast experience in the building products industry will help us optimize competitiveness through existing and new channels.”

As vice president of finance, Laurie is responsible for the strategy and execution of Boral Roofing’s finance operations, focusing on generating value-added and insights-driven reporting to drive growth and operational efficiencies.

“I look forward to continuing the strong relationships the finance team has with the sales, operations and support functions of the business,” said Laurie.

Boral - Harvey SheltonShelton, an accomplished executive in the building products and manufacturing industries, will work to optimize all operations and expand the company’s safety culture.

“Safety is something we need to accomplish before we do anything else,” said Shelton. “I am also committed to connecting the dots between customer needs and manufacturing capability to position the business for growth now and in the future.”

Laurie resides in Orange County, Calif. and is based in Boral Roofing’s Irvine headquarters. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce with a major in accounting and management from The Australian National University.

Shelton resides in the Charlotte, N.C. area and is based in Boral Roofing’s Charlotte offices. He obtained his civil engineering degree from Rice University and his MBA from William & Mary – Raymond A. Mason School of Business.