BEACHWOOD, Ohio — Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance announced it is participating in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) 6th annual National Safety Stand-Down on May 6-10, in an effort to promote the importance of fall prevention among construction workers.

Falls from elevation are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry, accounting for one-third of all on-the-job incidents. In fact, more than 300 construction workers are killed and over 10,000 are seriously injured by falls every year.

“Falls kill — yet, they are entirely preventable with the right equipment and training,” said Rolando Lewis, director of health and safety at Tremco Roofing. “That is why, each year, we participate in the Safety Stand-Down to promote the safety of our workers and jobsites.”

As part of OSHA’s fall prevention campaign, the National Safety Stand-Down is a week-long event that aims to prevent fall-related incidents at construction jobsites. It provides an opportunity for employers to encourage a voluntary break during the workday in order to address fall-related hazards, fall protection methods and safety policies with their employees. Common stand-down activities include safety training, fall protection demonstrations and equipment inspections.

“Fall-related hazards present a huge danger to construction workers every day,” said Lewis. “We work diligently with our employees, partners and customers to mitigate the risk of falls by planning ahead, providing the right equipment and training everyone involved on proper safety measures.”

Tremco and its subsidiary Weatherproofing Technologies Inc. (WTI) have long-served as official partners of the OSHA-CPWR Alliance’s fall prevention campaign. As part of this campaign, the companies have hosted a variety of stand-down activities, as well as led several of their own safety programs. For instance, as part of its company-wide safety culture, Tremco has adopted iAuditor, an inspection app that provides real-time jobsite analysis of work tasks, potential hazards and solutions to mitigate incident risks.

“We are proud to be among more than 70 industry leaders that have not only embraced a culture of safety first, but make a concerted effort to protect their employees at all costs,” said Lewis. “These principles are an integral part of our core values at Tremco.”