NASHVILLE — Polyglass U.S.A. Inc. is exhibiting its innovative products at the International Roofing Expo in Nashville.

At booth 1735, show attendees can see ADESO Self-Adhered Technology three-ply systems, PolyFlash 1C flashing compound, Polyslope water-repellent mortar, Velociflex high wind-resistant roof assembly system, and more.

ADESO Dual-Compound Self-Adhered Technology uses a “true” APP or SBS formulation on the top weathering side of a reinforcement and an aggressive self-adhered (or self-adhesive) formulation on the bottom side. By pairing SA cap and base layers, the technology works together to provide excellent coverage with simple installation. For ease of application, most ADESO Technology membranes feature SEALLap, a patented factory-applied adhesive treatment, along the side of the membrane. Polyglass’s self-adhered granulated cap sheets also feature FASTLap, a patented granule-free end lap.

Polyglass will also highlight accessories for difficult waterproofing applications. PolyFlash 1C one-component premium flashing compound can be applied in wet conditions for immediate temporary repair during inclement weather. With high tensile strength and crack-bridging capabilities, Polyflash 1C seals various roofing and waterproofing details such as walls, curbs, vents, roof drains, pitch pans, and unusually shaped penetrations. To help promote positive drainage from standing water areas on roofs, Polyglass offers Polyslope water-repellant skim mortar. Just add water to the easy-to-screed, self-reinforcing mix for curing within 24 hours.

Independently tested, the Velociflex high wind-resistant roof assembly system provides for high speed wind protection up to 270 psf (pounds / square foot). The self-venting Velociflex system comprises two plies of modified bitumen membranes and a “loose-laid,” mechanically-attached base sheet to reduce the likelihood of blistering from substrate to membrane. Ideal for steel and structural concrete decks, the Velociflex system enables fast and efficient installation.