CLEVELAND — The Garland Co. Inc. was recently recertified as an ISO 9001:2015 company.

ISO 9001 monitors Garland's ability to consistently meet pre-established standards for quality in the areas of: research, production, quality control, and services related to our building products. Voluntary for companies to pursue, ISO 9001 certification is a global standard for evaluating a company's quality management system.

This fall, ISO updated the standards for ISO 9001 certification to consider the business challenges of today's market and remain a relevant indicator of quality. Updates to the ISO system included an increased focus on risk-based thinking as well as an emphasis on engagement of company leadership.

In 1994, Garland was one of the first commercial roofing companies in the world to be certified by ISO and has maintained its status since. Now more than two decades later, this recertification signifies to Garland customers and industry partners that the company has maintained its commitment to strict quality control and excellence.

"At Garland, our customers are the number one priority. From innovation to production, we always keep that in mind," said Derek Scavuzzo, Garland quality control manager. "The ISO certification process is just one more way to ensure our customers continue to receive the highest quality products and services that they have come to expect from Garland."