CANTON, Ohio — SprayWorks Equipment Group has announced a recent partnership with Graco Inc.

Now a distributor for Graco pumps, mixers, guns, parts and Gusmer Reactors, customers have a complete line of products to choose from. The partnership was formed in order to fulfill customer needs and offer lower cost rigs with some of the highest quality equipment in the industry.

SprayWorks continues to offer PMC equipment and by adding Graco equipment to its product line, provides a more robust single location for contractors' needs. In addition to providing equipment, SprayWorks also offers complete training and technical support on all Graco and Gusmer equipment.

"We have worked hard to create an educational atmosphere and supportive experience for our customers," said Dave Penta, vice president of sales, SprayWorks Equipment Group. "This partnership with Graco was a pivotal way to continue with fulfilling customer needs in the best way."

Since beginning a partnership with Graco, SprayWorks has developed a low-cost roofing rig option including a combination of Gusmer, Graco, and PMC equipment. More information may be obtained at or by calling 330-587-4141.