In an industry plagued by scam artists and unlicensed contractors looking to make a quick buck, it’s always encouraging to encounter the hardworking people who still represent all that’s good within the industry, and are motivated to help it thrive and improve. Such passion for your craft can directly expel onto your customers, and showcase to them that you care both about the work you’re doing, as well as their satisfaction following a project’s completion.

When brothers Troy and Scott Cruthers started their roofing business on New Year’s Day in 2010, they sought to uphold such beliefs by treating customers like family and guaranteeing quality workmanship. “We always strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction. The terms honesty and integrity are what we live by,” said Troy, who was introduced to the roofing business years earlier by a longtime friend. “We started out with the notion that we are not perfect, but would treat every client like they’re family,” he said.

The company, Titan Contractors, is located in Midlothian, Texas, and specializes in both residential (60 percent) and commercial (40 percent) roofing. Ninety percent of work completed is reroofing, and 10 percent is new construction. Though currently the company is structured under a single umbrella, the goal for 2018 is to separate the residential and commercial divisions into their own entities.

In order for business to function the way Troy and Scott envisioned, the company created a quality control department that visits each individual jobsite during the project, and after its completion. The goal is to put the customer’s mind at ease, and ensure satisfaction throughout. Such an approach also puts them ahead of the game should any concerns or issues arise, “We’re human. Mistakes are made and I believe that you need to have someone that follows up on the back end to make sure the customer is taken care of from a quality standpoint,” said Troy.

Highlighting their commitment to both the customer and the roofing industry, the company is determined to constantly progress and evolve into something bigger and better than the day before.

Gaining Strength

Titan Contractor’s tagline, “Strength you can count on,” represents the team’s overall vision of dependability toward one another and their customers. The company utilizes open lines of communication and boasts a friendly, casual office atmosphere where everyone works together for the greater good. When referencing customers, Troy explained that, “Without them, there is no us,” and that Titan upholds the ‘friend for life’ mentality with each and every client.

A great deal of business is referral based, which Troy credits to the mass amount of networking he’s completed over his career, as well as growing up within the community and the surrounding areas they serve. “They (the customers) know who I am as a person, and that we do things the right way. From cradle to grave, we walk customers through the process. We’re not in there to make a quick buck,” he said. 

Utilizing trial and error, and conducting a great amount of research, Troy has grown his company tremendously since inception — a feat which he hopes will inspire others to conduct business like Titan does.

Labeling himself an entrepreneur from the very beginning, Troy sought out to transform an industry that he believes has a poor reputation, particularly in states like Texas, where contractors aren’t required to be licensed. “I’m someone who cares about our industry and making it better. It’s about more than making a living, I truly care about the people in our industry,” he said.

Titan Contractors is also affiliated with the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association, which Troy hopes will continually evolve and, eventually, drive licensing and accountability to the roofing industry.

Building Relationships

Among the many significant milestones for the company, Troy explained that one in particular stood out above the others — the moment they landed their first million-dollar project. A job of this magnitude allowed the company a chance to give back to the community, and helped build its reputation for being a quality and reliable contractor.

That positive reputation has continued to develop, as last year, the company completed its largest project to date — a 600,000 square foot GAF TPO roofing system on a distribution center. 

Some of the more challenging jobs to date have included several retirement facilities, which Troy explained are also some of the most fun for the team. “We definitely had to be cognizant of the seniors who lived there, but some of the relationships we’ve gained from these jobs are truly amazing,” he said.

Troy also explained the importance of building internal relationships and providing a laidback environment for employees to flourish. He elaborated on the family-feel atmosphere he seeks to achieve in the workplace, “A family-vibe is extremely important in business, period. I believe that we get more out of it as people, and I believe we get more out of it from our employees,” he said.

Every year for the holidays, the company allocates two weeks’ vacation time for employees to unplug and recharge. Troy said that upon returning, the employees present a more aggressive will to work, which ultimately benefits everyone.

Pairing his passion with a persistent desire to improve, Troy has dedicated the last 20 years to learning the industry and uncovering ways to help drive it forward. “This is a make-or-break business. If you do bad work and you don’t take care of the customer, then you won’t be in the industry for long,” he said. “Always be honest with yourself. Everything else will fall into place if you run your business this way.”