Green Link has introduced a family of custom-engineered, molded straps and caps for securing pipes and struts for its KnuckleHead rooftop support product line.  Straps have been designed for both Heavy Pipe and Strut Support KnuckleHeads while a cap design was developed for Lite Pipe Supports.  All are molded from tough, weatherproof urethane and feature a striking “safety yellow” color.

The Heavy Pipe KnuckleHead strap secures a 3-inch outside diameter pipe while the Strut Support strap fits steel or aluminum Unistrut-type channel.  The Lite Pipe Support cap is designed to secure a single 1-inch nominal pipe or two ½-inch nominal pipes.  Pipe supports are attached with standard stainless-steel sheet metal screws, which are supplied with the heads.  The Strut Support straps are available in nominal pipe sizes ranging from ¼ inch to 6 inches.  Custom straps are available by special order. These elastomeric straps slide into the strut channel and snap in place, eliminating the need for screws.

“We custom engineered these products to fit the unique shape of our head designs,” said Ondrej Pekarovic, Green Link design engineer.  “There is growing interest in securing rooftop mechanical installations in the face of high wind conditions and seismic events.  These straps will greatly increase the stability of pipes, conduit, channel and related mechanical equipment.  Additionally, they satisfy local code requirements.”

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