ATLANTA – Atlas Roofing today unveiled its newest shingles with HP42" technology, becoming the largest-sized shingle manufactured and available for sale in the United Statets. The latest product enhancement from the Atlas research and development team is promising larger-than-life results for both commercial and residential roofing contractors.

It's liiterally bigger than any other shingle currently manufactured in the U.S., and the HP42” format offers roofing contractors a faster installation process resulting in both time and labor savings.

“Designed with the owner and installer in mind, these new high-performance shingles are larger and better engineered,” said Stan Bastek, director of marketing and sales development with Atlas' Shingles and Underlayment Division. “As a result, they are faster and easier to install, which drastically improves the installation experience for contractors and their crews. They also help contractors save materials and labor.”

The HP42” format will be available starting in July and will be the new standard for the Atlas StormMaster® Shake and Pinnacle® Pristine shingle lines.

Features of the Atlas shingles with HP42” technology include:

  • A larger size: the shingle is a full 42 inches wide and 14 inches high.
  • An enhanced 1½-inch “sweet spot” nailing area that helps the crew stay accurate when aiming for the shingle common bond.
  • A 7-Course, Zero-waste shingle offset, providing up to 5% material savings versus other leading shingles brands.
  • A larger 6-inch exposure.
  • A high performance 130 mph wind limited warranty with a 4-nail install.

For roofing contractors, bigger shingles are the smarter business choice. The HP42” format lets crews cover more roof area with fewer shingles and fewer nails. The 1.5-inch enhanced Sweet Spot nailing area with a FASTAC® double sealant line also helps crews hit their mark every time. And because crews can work more efficiently, they will be on and off the roof more quickly, and on to the next job.

Based on an average 40-square job, savings versus other leading shingle brands include:

  • 320 fewer shingles to install.
  • Up to 6,000 fewer nails and penetrations, totaling up to $40 in savings on a 130 mph wind limited warranty installation.
  • Savings of two to four hours of labor time on the roof.

“Working smarter saves time, labor and materials,” Bastek said. “And the savings really add up for a contractor’s bottom line. There isn’t a more contractor-friendly shingle design on the market today than Atlas shingles featuring HP42” technology.”

Atlas offers a convenient and simple calculator that can determine the potential material, labor and time savings, both annually and per job, if using Atlas shingles with HP42” technology. The savings calculator is available at

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