NEW YORK – It's impossible to miss the stunning Staten Island Courthouse that stands resolutely overlooking the New York harbor. The building’s four copper-clad towers catch the morning light, acting as a beacon for those arriving by ferry. The facility’s contemporary use of copper earned it a spot among the top 15 magnificent building projects receiving a 2017 North American Copper in Architecture Award (NACIA).

The NACIA program recognizes and promotes North American building projects for their outstanding use of architectural copper and copper alloys. Now in its 10th year, the annual awards program showcases a wide range of projects, all of which highlight craftsmanship, attention to detail and architectural vision.

"The outstanding quality and ingenuity of the copper projects submitted over the past ten years is truly inspiring," said Stephen Knapp, director of the sheet, strip, and plate council for the Copper Development Association (CDA).  "Not only is copper known for its sustainability and durability, its innate beauty continues to make it an appealing building material. Every year I am amazed by the innovative ways copper is being applied."

Four years after receiving its first NACIA award, the University of Arizona is being honored again for its impressive construction of the Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus. The 10-story building’s unique texture is achieved by manipulating 90-95 percent recycled copper into perforated panels. Copper was selected for this project for its longevity and ability to protect against direct sun exposure, which reduces the buildings energy costs and contributes to its natural facade.

Five Canadian building projects were 2017 NACIA award recipients. The house at 166 Dovercourt Road features darkly glowing, weathered copper that displays the buildings nuanced design, while tastefully allowing it to blend with the notable Toronto neighborhood comprised of old Victorian houses. In addition, the renovation to the Saskatchewan Legislative Dome, which involved 28,000 pounds of copper, was also among the winners. Copper’s innate strength and attractive appearance made it the obvious material of choice for both projects.

Established in 2008, the NACIA awards program is sponsored by industry representatives at CDA and the Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association (CCBDA). Projects are selected across three different categories: New Construction, Renovation/Restoration and Ornamental Applications.  This year’s recipients include:

New Construction

166 Dovercourt House — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Application: Wall Cladding

Builder/Developer: Luloo Boutique Homes

General Contractor: Mazifa Corp

Copper Manufacturer: Copper in Design

Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus — Phoenix, Ariz.

Application: Roofing, Exterior Cladding

Architect: CO Architects

Sheet Metal Contractor: Kovach Building Enclosures

210 Pacific Street — Brooklyn, N.Y.

Application: Wall Cladding

Builder/Developer: NAVA

Sheet Metal Contractor: Fine Metal Roof Tech

Private Residence — Gurley, Ala.

Application:  Roofing, Exterior Ornamental

Architect: Nola | VanPeursem Architects, PC

Sheet Metal Contractor: CopperWorks Corporation

Private Residence — Juneau, Alaska

Application:  Roofing, Exterior Ornamental

Sheet Metal Contractor: Fine Metal Roof Tech

Staten Island Courthouse, St. George — Staten Island, N.Y.

Application: Wall Cladding

Architect: Ennead Architects

Curtainwall Consultant: Heintges & Associates

Wet Weather Pump Station — Hoboken, N.J.

Application: Wall Cladding

Architect/Builder: nastasi architects


31 East 74th St. — New York, N.Y.

Application: Wall Cladding, Exterior Ornamental

Architect: Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners LLP

Sheet Metal Manufacturer: B&B Sheet Metal Inc.

Sub-Contractor: Apple Restoration & Waterproofing, Inc.

Boston Private Residence — Alexandria, Va.

Application: Roofing

Consulting Architect: Restoration Engineering, Inc.

Sheet Metal Contractor: Wagner Roofing Company

Centre Block of the Canadian Parliament — Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Application:  Roofing, Exterior Ornamental

Architect: Architecture EVOQ inc.

Sheet Metal Contractor: Heather & Little Limited

Historic Fayette County Courthouse – Lexington, Ky.

Application:  Roofing, Exterior Ornamental

Architect: K. Norman Berry Associates Architects, PLLC

Sheet Metal Contractor: Steinrock Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.

Le Windsor-Mansard Rehabilitation Project – Montreal, Quebec

Application:  Roofing, Exterior Ornamental

Architect: DMA Architectes s.e.n.c.r.l.

Sheet Metal Contractor: Toitures Trois Étoiles Inc.

Saskatchewan Legislative Building Dome Conservation — Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Application:  Dome Restoration

Conservation Architect: Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Incorporated

Sheet Metal Contractor: Empire Restoration Inc.

Construction Managers: PCL Construction Management Inc.

Vedanta Temple — San Francisco, Calif.

Application:  Roofing, Exterior Ornamental

Sheet Metal Contractor: Hans Liebscher Custom Copperworks



The Wellington Building Renovation Project — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Application:  Interior Ornamental

Architect: NORR Limited Architects, Engineers & Planners

Roofing Contractor: Raymond and Associates Roofing Inc.