WEST SENECA, N.Y. – Kemper System America, Inc. announced that it now offers a single source for liquid-applied roofing and waterproofing systems, coatings, sealants and barrier products for protecting the entire ‘Building Envelope.’

The company’s expanded portfolio will be showcased at AIA ‘17 in Orlando April 27-29, Booth #2711, with new product demonstrations at the booth.

Kemper System greatly expanded its offerings in the past six months adding a line of coatings for foundation floors in April and several new lines through the acquisition of STS Coatings, Inc. in December.

The Kemper System portfolio now spans: exterior and interior waterproofing membrane systems (including reinforced and unreinforced), durable elastomer-based coating systems, air/water barriers for masonry walls and foundations, construction sealants, and new protective coatings for concrete floors.

Liquid-Applied Advantages

“Liquid-applied systems offer important advantages over sheet and roll products,” said Richard Doornink, president and managing director of Kemper System America, Inc. “They provide seamless protection across the surface and seal difficult areas like around multiple penetrations, skylights, gutterways, fountains and behind indoor tile. They also eliminate the time and expense of installing flashing and termination bars.” 

The STS line of liquid products include: 1) Wall Guardian® coatings for use on exterior wall constructions, offering three benefits in one – air barrier, water barrier and vapor retarder, 2) Roof Guardian® Technologies elastomer-based coatings, ideal for roof recovery and other projects, 3) GreatSeal® construction sealants for board-to-board joints, windows, doors, masonry, roof flashings, etc. and 4) HeatBloc-ULTRATM radiant heat barrier for residential attic spaces that can block over 80 percent of radiant heat. The STS line also includes Universal Tape® for quickly sealing cracks and seams in insulation board, etc.

Other high-value brands from Kemper System include Kemperol® reinforced membrane systems ideal for new and existing roofs including green-, white- and blue-roof projects, and COLEAN® durable coatings systems for protecting surfaces prone to heavy wear such as balconies and parking garages.

“Specifiers will appreciate the one-stop shopping that the range and versatility of our liquid-applied systems make possible,” Doornink said. “Building owners will appreciate that they can get ‘worry-free’ extended warranties on some brands from a single source.  And contractors always appreciate easy-to-apply liquid systems that create value.”  

Also at AIA, Jim Arnold, Director of New Product Development at Kemper System, will present “Proper Use and Application of Liquid-Applied Air Barrier Systems” in a fully booked session April 27th at 2:30 p.m. at AIA Continuing Education Theater C, Booth 1033.

Visit AIA Booth #2711 to learn more, or www.kempersystem.net