WEST SENECA, N.Y. – Kemper System – the company that invented cold liquid-applied reinforced membrane technology – is celebrating 60 years of success and building on its strengths to address the entire Building Envelope.

“Kemper System was built on novel approaches to challenges, consistent product quality and customer service – and those continue to be the bedrock of our relationships,” said Richard Doornink, president and managing director of Kemper System America, Inc. “Our role is to help architects and other specifiers find the balance between often competing goals on projects across the Building Envelope. The right technology makes those choices easier,” he said.

Today, the company offers an expanded range of Building Envelope solutions to protect against weather, preserve the integrity of surfaces and enhance the comfort and value of public buildings and commercial real estate.

As part of the company’s expansion efforts, Kemper System America acquired STS Coatings, Inc. in December 2016 along with four flagship brands, and is exploring additional technologies to build its portfolio, Doornink said. In addition to the new technologies from STS Coatings, this encompasses Kemperol® reinforced membrane systems, and COLEAN® durable coatings systems for protecting surfaces prone to heavy wear.

For more information, visit www.kempersystem.net.