Tamira Trujillo isn’t your typical roofing contractor for a variety of different reasons. For starters, her career in roofing began just three short years ago at a restoration company, and her collegiate background consists of dual associates degrees — neither of which pertain to roofing. Most obvious of all, she’s also a woman, which isn’t that common in her role within the industry. 

Despite her relatively short tenure, Trujillo has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience while in the industry. She’s proved to her fellow employees that she’s right where she belongs — solidifying her place in the male-dominated roofing industry. “I feel like I have really found where I am supposed to be,” she said. 

The company, Exterior Guru, LLC, dabbles in both the commercial and residential markets, handles all types of roofing systems, but specializes in foam and coatings with the latest technology. Currently, iRoofing technology plays a large role in company operations, because it allows workers to both measure a job, and illustrate to customer’s what a particular product would look like on their specific residence or business. The company plans to improve its approach to thermo-imaging and seeing roofs from above, by implementing drones in the near future. 

Trujillo’s current role as business development manager began with finding new leads and quickly developed into a larger role, helping out with inspections, writing estimates and learning the ropes of the roofing and construction industries. Her main focus entails building professional relationships with potential customers, and more importantly, earning their trust as a reputable company. “I love that I get to meet people and help them understand how roofing works and show them that not all roofing companies are made the same,” said Trujillo.

This progressive approach has positioned Exterior Guru for success in Colorado’s competitive roofing market. The company’s motto, “Doing What’s Right & Fair,” is designed to showcase a commitment to high-quality, expert service to every customer. It’s further demonstrated within the workplace, where employees are treated like family and there’s always opportunities to grow and learn from one another.

Extending the commitment to their customers, the company has a wide material selection available that provides options when it comes to functionality and style. Timeliness is of the essence, and their process is streamlined so that homeowners are typically given proposals the day after an inspection. The team relies greatly on building relationships with customers, who can then refer them at a later date. She said this helps build reputability in a market where the perception of roofing contractors isn’t the greatest. “We live in an area of the country that is riddled with hail every year. When that happens, we’re inundated with storm-chasing roofing companies that have a tendency to leave the state when they’re complete, and are unable to be reached again,” Trujillo said.

As her passion for the industry intensifies, Trujillo said that fostering relationships and expanding on her knowledge of roofing is the main focus for the future. Having heard before that she doesn’t “look like a roofer,” Trujillo is prepared to dispel stereotypes and help drive women’s “place” in the roofing industry onward. As a member of the National Women in Roofing organization (NWIR), and vice chair for the Colorado NWIR council, she plans to further her commitment to associations moving forward. Trujillo intends to pass along her ideas and wisdom while continuing to acquire knowledge from others along the way.  

“I believe that you should never quit learning no matter how well you think you are doing,” she explained. “I really don’t think of myself any differently than anyone else in the industry. I’m determined to learn as much as I can and empower other women so they know they can be successful in a mainly male-dominated industry.”