The SUN TUNNEL skylight line features the VELUX SunCurve System for better light collection and energy performance and the Flexi-Loc™ tunnel assembly system for faster installation. The SunCurve System, a highly transmissive light capturing technology, captures more morning and evening daylight while diffusing the powerful afternoon sunlight to provide a more even and appealing light output throughout the day.The Flexi-Loc™ tunnel assembly system, which utilizes clips rather than screws, enables installers to save approximately 50 percent of the time required for tunnel assembly while making quick, easy, and adjustable connections. In addition to the SunCurve dome configuration, a full line of 14" and 22" standard commercial SUN TUNNELS is available. Commercial ceiling options include hard, suspended and open, while diffuser options include frosted for aesthetics, prismatic for a look and feel to match existing architectural design, and Fresnel to maximize light distribution. For more information, visit or Booth #2445.