ST. PAUL‚ Minn. – It’s true that a single idea, with support from thoughtful, committed citizens, can change the world. Indeed, meaningful change often originates from observation, experience or curiosity. As a leader in technology, innovation and environmental stewardship, 3M is proud to support local and global change through employee-inspired contributions.

In 1975, 3M adopted and launched its company-wide Pollution Prevention Pays (3P) program to eliminate pollution at the source. The program is based on the reality that pollution prevention is more environmentally effective, technically sound, and economical than conventional pollution control equipment. Uniquely, 3P depends directly on the voluntary participation of 3M employees in its effort to reduce pollutants and energy use, utilize raw materials and resources more efficiently, and save the company money. To date, employees have prevented over 2.1 million tons of waste through the 3P program, for a total savings of nearly $2 billion.

3M’s Industrial Mineral Products Division (IMPD) employees are contributing to this effort. For example, a 3M Wausau plant engineer identified an opportunity to reduce the manufacturing facility’s oil use for dust suppression and shrink its carbon footprint, to benefit the local community and the company. Through engagement with the 3P environmental program, IMPD employees proceeded to make process control refinements at each of its four U.S. locations to effectively prevent nearly 100,000 tons of waste in 2015. IMPD employees were recognized as 3M’s Division of the Year for their successes in pollution prevention this past year, and because of their overall efforts to encourage ongoing environmentally conscious production practices.

The Industrial Mineral Products Division uses a variety of specialized disciplines and technologies to innovate within the business of roofing granules while maintaining a strong commitment to efforts that promote safety, environmental stewardship, quality, service and cost savings, within the roofing industry.

In 2015, the Division’s waste savings efforts contributed to a total savings of $1.26M for the company. Sustainability and cost efficiency efforts like this enable 3M to continue to provide high quality products for their customers at a great value.

“Our teams are excited to celebrate our success in creating processes that reduced pollution at all our locations last year. We plan to continue working with our roofing manufacturing customers as we focus on sustainability efforts throughout the industry,” said John Lowrey, EHS lead, 3M Industrial Mineral Products.

To achieve their division sustainability goals, 3M employees at each of the four IMPD locations targeted a total of 14 projects where they could eliminate waste through recycling and reuse. In addition to the successful oil reduction efforts by 3M employees in Wausau, WI, the other three locations also had key sustainability efforts that led to their success and resulted in the 3M Division of the Year honor.

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