Changing the perception of the roofing industry is something that many roofing contractors take seriously. Some would even say it’s among the most important aspects of their roofing company’s future. For them, it’s about building a lasting, mutual trust with customers and maintaining integrity throughout. And for the team at All American Roofing Company, it means upholding one of the oldest philosophies known to man, the Golden Rule: Treat others how you want to be treated.

Scott Devenny, owner and founder of All American Roofing Company, started his business in 1989 with one goal in mind — elevate the perception of roofing contractors. From the beginning, Devenny intended to eliminate the gray area of questionable integrity faced in the industry by forming his own reputable service provider that exemplified professionalism from start to finish.

“Today, the company continues to build on our commitment to excellence and service in all that we do, while applying a guiding principle to every customer engagement and every project, no matter how large or small,” Devenny said.

All American Roofing has two office locations that service Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania, and the Delmarva Peninsula. The company’s focus is reroofing, largely dedicated to the residential sector. Crews also install windows, siding and gutters.

From Decking to Roofing

In the 1980’s, Devenny opened his specialty contracting company, All Decked Out Inc., which specialized in the design and construction of exterior deck systems for residential properties. During this time, Devenny began to realize that a career in roofing would likely provide a larger opportunity for business growth and a better revenue stream. In 1989, he changed his business model to roofing, and All American Roofing was born.

Since its inception, Devenny said All American Roofing has provided customers with a one-of-a-kind experience, treating them the exact way that they would like to be treated. “We consider it the only way to do business, as we are grateful to have the opportunity to serve our customers,” he explained.

The company is structured as one unified operation where all parties work together efficiently to produce the best work possible. All employees are trained using OSHA safety education, and training events take place throughout the year to ensure employee awareness of guidelines and procedures.

With their focus primarily on residential roofing, the crews at All American have been awarded many high-profile jobs within the communities they serve. Projects ranging from the exterior remodel of a country club clubhouse, to reroofing high-rise hotels in the prominent resort community of Ocean City, Md. come to mind. But Devenny said what really ignites the team are what’s referred to as the “transformational projects” — where project estimators propose a variety of elements, extending from siding to stonework. These features are then combined strategically in the renovation process, and the customer is left with a completely transformed home.

Quality craftsmanship and service have aided in the company receiving several awards over nearly three decades. A rather significant milestone occurred in 2002 when All American received the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for integrity and marketplace ethics. Vice President Joe Biden — then a veteran U.S. senator from Delaware — personally presented the award at a formal dinner celebration.

“It was a thrilling moment for our company and key members of our team who attended the event,” said Devenny.

It’s All About Respect

Integrating the Golden Rule in the company’s mission is what sets All American apart from the competition. Devenny is always quick to remind his staff that, “We’re not number one, our customers are.” Utilizing this wisdom, he’s remained fixated on the idea of respecting others and their beliefs, in all aspects of the business.

“We respect our customer’s time, we respect their budget, we respect their home, their property and its surroundings,” he said. At All American, it’s the little things that make all the difference, and it shows in how they conduct business. Crews at All American manually haul shingles to the roof one bundle at a time in order to avoid drywall damage and other issues. Customer’s driveways are kept clean and clear of materials and dumpsters to ensure that no inconvenience falls on the customer. And each extra step taken all stems back to the same mentality — treating their beliefs, home and property how they would like theirs to be treated.

Devenny said that the company even has a customer service specialist on staff whose sole job role is devoted to ‘thank-you’ calls. “We express how grateful we are to each customer,” he explained. Calls are provided both after projects are completed, as well as after each individual site visit.

Many of the folks at All American have been with the company for years, and it’s the devoted staff members who continue to drive the company forward. “It’s that customer first, treat folks as we’d like to be treated philosophy. That’s what continues to fuel the growth of the company today,” he said.