CLEVELAND — Brass Knuckle®, a manufacturer of high-quality, cost-effective safety solutions, has launched a line of ergonomically designed occupational body protection products under their SmartShell brand. The new offerings include three different styles of kneepads and an adjustable back support. Aggressive growth of the line is planned throughout 2017.

Ergonomics — the science of fitting a job to a person — can have a dramatic positive effect on worker productivity. Employees whose jobs include heavy lifting, pushing or pulling, repetitive motion, bending, stooping, or holding awkward body positions are at risk for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), a class of occupational injuries that, according to OSHA, are among the most frequently reported causes of lost or restricted work time. Ergonomically designed products can help lessen muscle fatigue, increase productivity, and reduce the number and severity of work-related MSDs. The increased comfort helps boost worker compliance.

“From cleaning crews to construction workers, everyone’s at risk. MSDs aren’t just about big, brawny guys doing heavy lifting. So we will flesh this line out with quality products that make a difference in all workers’ lives,” said Tony Spearing, vice president of Brass Knuckle.

Brass Knuckle has designed its knee pads to provide protection and stability while retaining the needed occupational flexibility for workers whose jobs require periods of kneeling. The line includes a variety of application-specific choices. The BKKN100 light-duty cushioned pads provide comfort and protection for short-term applications, while the heavy-duty BKKN200 offers a contoured hard cap for longer wear. The BKKN300 heavier-duty pads feature gel-injected cushioning for all-day wear, with a broad cap that redirects pressure away from the kneecap while helping maintain stability. Corner “glides” facilitate sliding and scooting.

The ergonomic line expansion also includes the company’s first back-support product, which features elastic suspenders to distribute body stress and tapered abdominal panels to conform to different body sizes. While back supports can help control posture and promote positive, safer lifting habits, workers should be reminded to always lift properly and be aware of the risks of over-lifting. Back injuries can be extremely costly to businesses, and account for 20 percent of workplace injuries — the single largest category of injuries.

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