MALVERN, Pa. – Siding contractors looking to enhance their product portfolio and grow their business without a major investment of time and materials have a beautiful new option. STONEfaçade™ from CertainTeed is a unique architectural panelized stone cladding system developed specifically to provide vinyl siding professionals an opportunity to grab a share of the lucrative stone masonry segment of the exterior cladding market.
“We created STONEfaçade with our valued contractor partners in mind,” says Kelly Warren, marketing manager for CertainTeed Siding. “Stone is one of the fastest growing cladding segments. STONEfaçade is engineered to enable siding professionals to capture this business with minimal training and no need to buy special equipment.”
Ease and speed of installation was of paramount importance when CertainTeed developed STONEfaçade. Each STONEfaçade panel has a continuous fastening flange for simple screw-in-place attachment; no mortar is required. Panels are eight inches high in 10-inch, 14-inch and 24-inch widths for easy installation that avoids repeating patterns. Perimeter edges are beveled to hide the substrate and create a smooth, continuous appearance. The simple, intuitive system is easy to master for experienced vinyl siding installers.
Traditional stone products installed without proper drainage can allow moisture to accumulate in the wall cavity, with the potential for rot and other moisture-related problems. STONEfaçade addresses this issue with the industry’s only fully integrated rainscreen. This 3/8-inch stainless steel insert creates space behind the panel for moisture to drain, while also serving as a reinforcement.
STONEfaçade also delivers eye-catching curb appeal with the rugged charm of old-world masonry. Panels are molded from handpicked natural stones that are individually selected and positioned to mimic hand-laid workmanship, while a unique hand-applied brushstroke technique captures the infinite tonal variations of natural stone. STONEfaçade covers 110 square feet, one of the largest spans in the industry, without repeating a pattern.
Available in the popular ledgestone style, CertainTeed designed STONEfaçade in four attractive natural colors that complement any home design, style or color. Adirondack Snowfall features graduated tones of cool gray and off-white. Appalachian Twilight combines blended hues of calming gray and subtle brown, while Pocono Autumn evokes the colors of fall with variegated shades of brown, orange and yellow. Harbor Sunset mixes stunning shades of burgundy and brown hues to beautiful effect.
A full array of accessories is available to complement STONEfaçade, including sills, corners and electrical and light boxes.
Maintenance requirements for STONEfaçade are minimal, providing another strong selling point for contractors. A soft bristle brush and a bucket of soapy water are all that is needed to keep the panels looking clean and fresh. The manufactured design eliminates the need for recaulking, tuckpointing and other repairs commonly required by stone. STONEfaçade is covered by a 20-year warranty.
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