PLAINVILLE, Conn.  – With contractors in mind, AceClamp®/PMC Industries has just made installing snow retention systems on standing seam metal roofs easier and quicker than ever. AceClamp®’s new COLOR Snap™ snow retention bar simply snaps into retaining clips that have been pre-installed on AceClamp®’s patented SSMR fasteners.

The set-up for the snow retention system begins with installation of AceClamp®’s fully assembled, non-penetrating fasteners on the SSMR ribs. The extruded COLOR Snap™ bar is then set below the fasteners and slid up until it snaps into place. The bolts on the clips that hold the bar in place are then tightened to complete the install. Finally, a color-matching, 2-inch-wide metal strip is inserted into the bar’s front-facing groove, blending the entire rail system into the color scheme of the roof.

To prevent snow and ice from falling underneath the snow bar, 3-inch-wide aluminum ice flags or flaps can also be installed on the retention system mid-way between the roof seams. This too is an easy and quick process with COLOR Snap™. The flags are simply snapped into place without need for set-screws which is unique in the snow retention industry.

The non-penetrating systems will fit a majority of the standing seam metal roofs in the industry. Because of their unique design, the pre-assembled clamps are easier and faster to install than any other system, saving time and money. “The Proof is on the Roof™”.

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