PLAINVILLE, Conn. -- PMC Industries has announced their latest roofing innovation, the Snow Titan. Presented as a heavy duty alternative to the ever popular, easy-to-use Color Snap snow retention system Snow Titan delivers even greater snow-holding confidence.   

Jim Bailey, president of PMC Industries, said "Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing product but more importantly, Snow Titan was designed for projects in areas that experience the heaviest snowfalls. Homeowners and commercial property owners are all-too-familiar with the terrifying snow slides that can occur as snow begins to melt and suddenly slides off the roof. Roofing Avalanches can occur anywhere there is significant snow, but the dangers and liability to persons and property in these areas can be significant."

Just as Color Snap has become a dominant player in the market, Snow Titan will also fill the role in providing a "go-to" solution for contractors due to its speed and savings. 

Visitors recently got a chance to interact with AceClamp at this year's NERCA Convention at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Ledyard Connecticut.  Engineers were available to showcase Snow Titan and the benefits it provides the users. The system, which utilizes the familiar non-penetrating AceClamp sliding-pin clamps and snap-in ice flags, promises to deliver with twice the strength of conventional snow retention systems.

Explained Bob Mercier, head of product development: "Contractors who enjoyed the benefits of Color Snap will now have the opportunity to purchase Snow Titan with the additional security of knowing that it will keep a greater snow load in place. Snow Titan's new triangular shaped rail-structure is strong enough to tackle up to 48" spans, and can be configured in either one or two rail setups depending upon the roofing pitch and expected snowfall." 

To help assure the longevity of our product in preventing a snow avalanche, Snow Titan's rails and clamps along with all of AceClamps products are manufactured in the US from all non-corrosive materials. Learn more at