Moss Roofing & Insulation was founded in 1978 by Elmer and Harriet Moss in Northeast Iowa with an idea to provide high-quality roofing solutions with integrity, professionalism and pride. Nearly four decades later, the family-operated business is still providing the Midwest and portions of the South and West with roofing systems that combine durability, energy efficiency and environmental consciousness at a reasonable price. 
Chris Moss is a third-generation roofer who has been around the business nearly his entire life. The corporate secretary and one of six principal shareholders of the company, recently spent some time with Roofing Contractor to discuss his business and what makes it successful.
Q: What type of services do you offer and what percentage of your business is residential vs. commercial; new construction vs. re-roofing?
A: We offer the installation and repair of EPDM, TPO, PVC, and sprayed polyurethane, roof coatings including roof restorations of single-ply’s, modifieds, metal, and foam roofing systems. I would say that 95 percent or more of our work is commercial or light industrial, with a preference or focus on re-roofing applications. 
Q: How is your company structured? Separate departments/divisions?
A: Being family owned and operated, we’re able to have more active control and participation of a project life cycle; starting with the original customer contact to the bidding procedure, installation of a quality installed roofing system, and satisfied customer. Yes, we have specialized crews installing specific roofing systems, but we also have our key employees diverse and able to install multiple system types. We feel this provides us with competitive advantages if needed.    
Q: How would you describe your company’s culture and how do you ensure quality workmanship on site?
A: We’re family and team based. It’s a sense of pride among family members and long-term employees. We complete our own detailed inspection and walk-thru before the GenFlex inspector (Quality Building Services Group) visits the jobsite for the final. 
There’s always a friendly competition between crews … and each crew strives to receive a perfect inspection from GenFlex Roofing Systems. Inspection reports are always made known to all employees to keep everyone accountable.
Q: What are some key challenges in your market and how do you overcome them?
A: Whether the customer is big corporate, public or private - having the customer consider quality of product, assembly and service instead of always the “low bid.” Finding new ways to educate and communicate to the consumer in our fast-paced technological society, which will lead to trust and increased sales, is difficult. Finding, training and retaining competent roof techs and laborers, is a continuous issue.
Q: No company succeeds on its own. Which manufacturers helped your company reach this level of success?
A: In 2002, Moss Roofing & Insulation Inc. received the MVP Award from GenFlex Roofing Systems, and with this award we were noticed and were given the opportunity to bid some national account projects, and some were awarded to us. We were able to showcase our workmanship and commitment to quality roofing, which has led to other corporate accounts and bidding opportunities along with other larger public and private opportunities. 
Also, I can’t say enough about some of GenFlex’s key employees throughout the years in technical support, sales and representatives, warranty and customer service, and marketing. Over the years, we were given the opportunity to meet and make relationships with many people from GenFlex Roofing Systems. That is what made a loyal, successful partnership. 
Q: Have you participated in GenFlex University? What were the important takeaways?  
A: Yes, it is important to keep ideas, system installations, assembly details and product information in front of our everyday thought processes and decisions. GenFlex provides a great teaching and review tool that [roofing professionals] can use and understand. 
Q: How do you educate and train your employees and keep them safe on the jobsite?
A: We use OSHA’s 10-hour Safety Course, online video trainings, in house trainings and short jobsite talks during breaks.
Q: What are the key attributes that set Moss apart and make the company successful?
A: Building relationships while providing quality roofing — do it once, and do it right so there are no call backs and the customer is happy. We make every effort to get to know the people we work with and for. We try to keep them informed through every phase of the project by keeping them up to date on squares completed, issues encountered, insulation and/or deck replaced.  Communication daily with managers and maintenance personnel eliminate a multitude of problems down the road. They’ll remember a well-run, organized, trouble-free project!
Q: What advice do you have for other roofing contractors out there striving for success?
A: Work hard, provide quality service and product, don’t cut corners, and if you don’t know or understand something, ask or find someone who does! Treat people fair, and communicate. Also, don’t work for free because you won’t be in business long. 
Q: Please describe the best experience your company had either on a particular job or reaching a particular achievement? Any specific jobs you’re especially proud of would also work here.
A: Truly, our company takes pride and wants to install a quality roofing system on all of our roofing projects and we strive to have satisfied customers, whether the job is three squares or 3,000 squares. 
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