SAN JOSE, Calif. — Valin Corporation, a leading provider of process control and automation solutions to the technology, energy, life sciences, natural resources and transportation markets, has received a patent for its Heated Roof Panels. The panel system is an aesthetically pleasing design with a unique snap-to-lock feature to ensure easier installation and greater accessibility for maintenance purposes. The panels offer better ice dam and icicle prevention along with lower energy costs.

“Our newly patented heated roof panels offer a much more energy-efficient method to eliminate ice dams, but also gives accessibility that is unprecedented throughout the industry,” said Executive Vice President Gregory Wright.  “Currently, the industry standard is to use exposed cable on a roof to solve ice issues, but it leaves the cable vulnerable and is not very efficient. Our heated roof panels look great on any building and protect the cable all while allowing for a much more energy-efficient and simple-to-maintain system. The product offers the proper amount of heat at the right location of any roof structure.”

The heated roof panels are aimed at higher-end commercial and residential applications. The panels use heat more effectively across the roof and, when coupled with Valin’s controllers, offer more effectiveness and lower energy costs.

Valin’s Heat Trace Specialists subsidiary offers expertise in heat-trace solutions for roof and gutter and any architectural heat applications. For more information, visit