PLANO, Texas -- Dynamic Weather Solutions (DWS) dba HailStrike™, a national leader in weather forensics, recently announced a historic solution to a dilemma which has historically limited historical meteorological data on hail storm intensity. Currently, the lack of precision in hail storm data processing and reporting hampers the industry's ability to use historical data for tracking prior hail storm events in localized areas. This continual limitation has often prevented data users from making meaningful underwriting decisions.

Going beyond traditional reporting that is often limited to unverifiable, proprietary processes and trade secret content, The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted DWS a patent for their exclusive invention establishing a, "System and Method for Inferring Localized Hail Intensity." This now allows insurance carriers, CAT teams, independent claims adjusters and others, access to previously unavailable, truly accurate hail intensity reports.

Decisions to underwrite, and premiums assessed, are adjusted based on the potentially insured party. Now –– utilizing the data from DWS's reports ––these can be ascertained and established with far greater ease and accuracy.

"DWS is the only company that has been granted a U.S. patent for a system that determines hail intensity," said Daron Sneed, CEO and founder. "This technology gives any customer a much more useful scope of the intensity of hail within an area of a hail storm. In the past, there have been significant limits to the data included in hail verification reports. Now, DWS has changed that paradigm and conclusively gives customers the accurate data they've needed. I am optimistic that we have reached an industry milestone, with the potential for truly accurate hail intensity information."

Christy Cook, Chief Operating Officer at CClaim Consulting, LLC in Frisco, Texas recently commented of the new patented technology: "We tried several weather report companies in our infancy, but once we started using HailStrike, we never wanted to use anything else.  Integrity and valid information is key to what we do."

Sean McWhorter, commercial project manager for Complete Roofing, Inc. in Woodstock, Ga. said,"I've found HailStrike's reports to be very accurate. The fact that the U.S. Patent Office has patented their technology only further validates my own findings."

"The value of our reports lies in the fact that we are not altering or manipulating the data to favor any one situation," said Sneed. "When it comes to the data accuracy: It is what it is. We've taken great efforts to ensure the information being processed is completely unbiased as relayed to the customer. We absolutely do not enhance or hypothesize data."