OKLAHOMA CITY — Building Research Systems Inc. (BRS) announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company two new patents that are intended to improve the performance of standing seam roofs.

“The issuance of these new patents allows us to expand on our current patent portfolio, which includes patents covering roof clips, seams, roofing systems and accessories,” said Leo Neyer, BRS owner and president. “We now hold 11 patents pertaining to metal roof systems. It’s important that we continue our research and development in order for our systems and products to stay proprietary, which increases the value to our licensees.”

Patent No. 9,003,733, invented by Leo Neyer, is a standing seam strengthening apparatus that is incorporated into clips that are configured to connect a standing seam to an underlying support structure. The issuance of this patent will provide additional patent protection for clips (including the new BRS wind clips) and seams.

Patent No. 8,977,410 was designed by Richard Starks, Jr., PE, BRS product development manager; and Trey Herren, BRS vice president; and covers the BRS Module Clamp. The Module Clamp holds the clip and the panel leading edge on module until the clip fasteners are installed. This process allows the panels to maintain their original design and shape. The BRS Module Clamp can also be used to assist in seaming a roof that has been installed out of module.

“Our Module Clamp is extremely easy to use and will replace the pre-drilling of the clip fastener holes in purlins,” said April Yarholar, BRS director of sales.

Both patented products are available through Logan Stampings Inc. BRS licensees have access to all products that are protected by BRS’s patents. Upon request, BRS can provide spec sheets and samples of these products.

For more information, visit www.brsusa.com.