The EPDMroof was failing and nearing the end of its useful life on the Joseph Kushner Hebrew.

Academy in Livingston, N.J. The re-roofing project had been left open to bid for five years, and the school board had many options to consider before awarding the work for the 200,000-square-foot project. However, when roofing contractor Complete Roof Systems of Dumont, N.J., brought Duro-Last to the table, it was finally a closed deal.

Because the re-roofing job was to be done over the existing EPDM system while school was in session, several factors had to be considered prior to choosing a bid. Primarily concerned about the occupants of the building, the Academy’s decision makers wanted a roofing option that would not produce noise or fumes, and would be completed within budget and in a reasonable timeframe. Although other options were considered, Duro-Last was ultimately chosen for several reasons. Not only did Duro-Last’s clean and safe application method meet the requirements necessary for maintaining classes during installation, but it also offered custom prefabrication, mechanical attachment, competitive pricing and an extensive 15-year warranty. The membrane’s high reflectivity was especially attractive to the board members, as it would save the school energy and money.

The job required flashing approximately 400 penetrations, including 126 HVAC units, on five different roof levels. The flashings are prefabricated in a Duro-Last plant prior to delivery to the jobsite. Prefabrication differentiates Duro-Last from other systems that require flashings to be “manufactured” on the rooftop; the Duro-Last approach greatly reduces the risk of roof failure caused by human installation errors. Because so much of the roof can be manufactured in a controlled factory environment prior to onsite installation, authorized Duro-Last contractors can typically complete jobs more quickly and efficiently and with less disruption than contractors using other systems.

The school board was impressed by Complete Roof Systems’ ability to finish the job in just 60 days, despite consistently poor weather conditions which hindered the team’s progress. Prefabrication also helps provide the assurance of a roof that’s leak proof and virtually maintenance free, and enables Duro-Last to issue its industry-leading warranty.

In preparation for the large project, Dean Logan, owner of Complete Roof Systems, spent three days on the roof with Dean Borkowski, Duro-Last’s independent sales representative, estimating the number of deck sheets that would be required and measuring all of the roof’s penetrations. This extensive planning proved to serve the team well throughout the project. As part of the Academy’s roof replacement project, a uniquely designed pitched roof was installed on the front of the building, making the new roof impressive not only in terms of necessity and practicality, but also aesthetically.

“This installation is very impressive, and the school board is extremely happy with the outcome,” Logan said. “This roof will be used as a showpiece.”

Following the wishes of the school board, the installation team was successful in re-roofing the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy with no interruptions to classes; staff and students inside the building during construction were pleasantly surprised at how quiet the installation was. Furthermore, the school board members were impressed by the precision and professionalism exhibited by Logan and his team.

“We are all very pleased with our new Duro-Last roof and the professional manner in which the entire project was handled,” said Michael Grad, executive director of the school board. “Duro-Last has proven to be the right roofing system for our facility, and we greatly appreciate Complete Roof Systems’ attention to detail and their exemplary commitment to the project throughout their entire organization.”

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