Duro-Last announced on July 17 the expansion of its EV membrane solutions with the addition of Duro-Last EV 80 mil and Duro-Last EV Fleece in a company news release. 

Duro-Last EV is a Ketone Ethylene Ester-containing membrane using Elvaloy from Dow. Offering flexibility and weld-ability in low temperatures, Duro-Last EV is available in 50-, 60- and now 80-mil thickness options. 

The company said with expanded EV membrane options, Duro-Last EV Fleece combines “…high-quality fleece material on the underside of the membrane with the proven performance of the Duro-Last EV roofing membrane.” The product is compatible with a wide variety of substrates; the company touted its utility for adhered and mechanically fastened low-slope roofing projects requiring long-lasting, energy-efficient membranes. Duro-Last EV Fleece is available in 60- and 80-mil thicknesses.

“Duro-Last continually strives to provide industry-leading solutions for the complex needs of the roofing industry,” Steve Ruth, senior vice president of Sales Operations, said. “The expansion of our EV membrane products is a direct response to the growing demand for roofing systems specifically designed to withstand harsh climate extremes.” 

For more information, visit duro-last.com.