SAGINAW, Mich. — The time has come for a roof to last nearly the life of a building. Duro-Last Inc. is announcing a sustainable, 50-year commercial, low-slope roofing system that significantly lowers replacement costs and reduces building materials entering the waste stream. Duro-Life™ 600 Roofing System is the result of a collaboration between two trusted leaders in commercial roofing and construction, Duro-Last and DuPont.

Ideal for schools, hospitals and commercial buildings that demand energy efficiency for decades, Duro-Life 600 reduces the maintenance, repair and replacement costs over conventional roof assemblies.

“Duro-Life 600 is a win-win,” said Scott Bieber, Northeast business development manager, Duro-Last. “It utilizes products with a low-carbon footprint. You’ll be protecting the environment and your building. Plus, you gain peace of mind that you can see savings of 30 to 70% of the cost of a new roof at years 25 to 30. Normally, this is the time when building owners have the expense of a complete reroof that generates thousands of pounds of building material waste. With Duro-Life 600, you’ll replace only the existing Duro-Last roof membrane, which can be recycled into other building products, leaving the rest of the assembly in place. It’s simple and cost-effective, and can be done with minimal disruption to building operations.” 

When Duro-Last was creating a more sustainable roofing system that called for insulation, DuPont Styrofoam Brand Deckmate Plus Insulation was a preferred choice. Known for protecting residential homes from water, air and Mother Nature, DuPont Styrofoam Brand Insulation provides unparalleled performance on commercial roofs too. The traditional blue or new, low-GWP grey insulation (color varies by region) provides industry-leading thermal, moisture resistant and dimensionally stable insulation, with a 50-year re-use and thermal warranty for lowering the embodied carbon of the system at re-roof.

The collaboration was natural fit, as both companies share a culture of sustainability. Duro-Last has recycled more than 80 million pounds of PVC material through sustainable manufacturing operations. DuPont is driving product embodied carbon reduction in support of its Acting on Climate 2030 sustainability goal, including innovating the ST-100 product that achieves 94% lower embodied carbon compared to previous formulations. Additionally, Styrofoam™ Brand insulation is made from a minimum of 20% pre-consumer recycled content and 100% of the electricity used to produce it comes from renewable energy sources*.

“Building owners want to protect their building from the elements for the long haul,” said Joseph Rofrano, North America low slope roofing manager, DuPont. “We’re doing our job when we can maximize energy efficiency, protect the building for decades and be environmentally conscious all at the same time. That’s what you get with a Duro-Life 600 Roofing System.”

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*DuPont has purchased Renewable Energy Credits to offset its electricity usage since 2016