Because we will never truly get away from the roofing industry’s hands-on practices in product application and service doesn’t necessarily mean that we have tocasse4 handcuff ourselves and our companies to the same sales, production and accounting ways of the past. AccuLynx offers a more efficient, less intensive, time-saving process to help your business thrust itself into the next decade. Acute decision makers in the industry are realizing that this dynamic, sometimes complex construction management process can no longer be leveraged by traditional accounting systems. Crew management, sales profitability, employee accountability, and delivering top-notch customer service are just a few keys to your company’s success that often go dormant in current company methods.

With AccuLynx, you are able to access all customer information relating to the task at hand. By centrally storing information, the team member that is in direct communication with that customer can stop for a second, quickly access the needed information and respond to questions. The customer obtains the proper information and the rest of the team goes uninterrupted, staying on track without having to look back. AccuLynx will help service the customer and keep the team moving forward.

How many times have your production managers lost a copy of an order? Because they can’t find this paper a specific date cannot be relayed to the homeowner for delivery. With AccuLynx, everything is time stamped and saved with key information like order dates, delivery instructions and order descriptions. The next time there won’t be a purchase order to lose since it was electronically submitted by a field representative and e-faxed to the supplier. Crews have a much better chance for target end dates when all the other components of the job and orders are in line. By completing jobs more quickly and more efficiently, the company will be able to collect its balances faster from satisfied customers.

Acculynx is fully integrated with companies like Eagleview, Quickbooks and HailWatch. This helps our clients have software that is a “one-stop shop.” No more entering things twice or looking in multiple places for files. Work directly in AccuLynx utilizing all of your favorite other tools to run your business. We help you manage your customers from cradle to grave organizing every detail. 

One of the most important facets of success in business is perpetual growth. Prior to AccuLynx, you found out that something went wrong or was overlooked after the fact. At that point, the company is backpedaling just to regain the customer’s confidence. I’m sure we can all think of a time that we were sitting with a prospective customer after you or one of the team members missed the original appointment. The company might not have lost that deal, but there’s no telling how many others got off the hook. With AccuLynx, you can report on various topics such as initial contact with customers, order completions and return on investment. There is nothing worse than burning leads or leaving money on the table for even an extra day. The company can use these reports to gain accountability with their team, effectively ration marketing budgets and optimize overall efficiency.

 With AccuLynx in your corner, your company will surpass customers’ expectations while creating an accountable, positive work environment. By enhancing the customer’s overall experience with the company, they will be more apt to return when in need of future repairs. For more information, visit