KANKAKEE, Ill. – IKO has posted a brand-new video to its proprietary channel on YouTube.

According to Marketing Director Carol Perkins, IKO believes that, “The more you tell, the more you sell.” She said, “We want to ensure our contractors fully understand all the competitive advantages IKO has to offer. That way, they can deliver that knowledge directly to their prospects with total confidence and possibly close more sales even in the current economic climate.”

IKO Manager of Sales and Contractor Development John DeRosa hosts this latest video titled “Selling IKO.” He presents a three-part outline: Who is IKO? What sets it apart? What are IKO’s products advantages?

A brief company history highlights IKO’s long tenure in the roofing business and the fact that it has zero outside long-term debt. This stability, knowing that IKO will be around for many years to come, offers homeowners tremendous peace of mind. It’s an important selling point for contractors to make.

According to the company, vertical integration sets IKO apart. DeRosa explains how no other roofing manufacturer controls as many components of its materials as IKO does. The company manufactures the glass fibers that go into its mats, mines its own granules, pulverizes its own limestone, and even oxidizes and weathers its own asphalt.

Limiting its reliance on outside suppliers allows IKO to manufacture products of superior quality. DeRosa explains how IKO’s granule colors are so consistent, contractors can match shingles even when they’re manufactured in different plants.

He goes on to describe the company’s flagship product: the Cambridge Advantage. Per square, it’s one of the heaviest-weight shingles of its class on the market. He attributes its weight to the weathering asphalt IKO itself produces.

Throughout the video, DeRosa shows contractors how to take these points of difference and effectively translate them into solid benefits their prospects can clearly understand in a well-crafted sales presentation.

“Contractors have tremendous confidence in IKO products. But sometimes they need help in marketing that knowledge. This video is designed to give them the precision tools they need to help close more sales.”

DeRosa challenges contractors and other roofing professionals to watch the video, then take the information and use it in their next sales presentation. He’s convinced it will result in higher close rates and more satisfied customers.

To watch the video, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NWz6emIc7U.

For more information, visit www.iko.com.