CLEVELAND, Ohio — As the push for more energy-efficient buildings continues, numerous building codes are now including air-barrier requirements. To addressNew Line of Air, Vapor and Water-Barrier Products these changing standards, Garland has engineered a new product line of high-performance solutions that prevent unwanted air, vapor and water from penetrating the building envelope. The Garland Aero-Block™ product line offers solutions for all six sides of the building enclosure, as well as for gaps in walls or between sections of walls.  

This new polymer-modified-asphalt technology is available in three formats. The fluid-applied solvent-based polymer and fluid-applied water-based polymer versions can be applied by brush, spray or roller. There is also a pre-fabricated, self-adhering multi-layer membrane. The entire Aero-Block family creates vapor-closed protection, meeting the requirements for a Class I air/vapor barrier.

According to Tom Stuewe, Garland’s product manager for the coatings and air-barrier product lines, “Garland’s Aero systems include all the product components necessary to provide the best solution for your building and ensure long-term performance of your air barrier system. These barriers help minimize the potential for mold growth or corrosion within wall assemblies. They also protect building occupants from pollutants, second-hand smoke, cooking odors, noise and pollen.”

A companion vapor-open product line, Aero-Perm™, will become available later this year. Aero-Perm will offer the same capabilities as Aero-Block™ systems, while providing permeability to water vapor.

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