COSHOCTON, Ohio — MFM Building Products has announced that the company’s PowerBond™ adhesive system has received US patent approval (Patent No.MFM Building Products patented adhesive system 8,603,629).

The patented PowerBond technology was developed to allow select MFM waterproofing membranes to be applied in temperatures as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit (3.9 degrees Celsius), while remaining stable at elevated temperatures. The dual layer/two-component PowerBond system has been incorporated into several of the company’s premium Peel & Seal®, WindowWrap™ and underlayment products.

PowerBond products adhere aggressively to the building substrate, provide self-sealing capabilities around fasteners, and will not crack or dry out for excellent waterproofing protection. The temperature range can be lowered further when using MFM Spray Adhesive™ during installation. MFM PowerBond products also offer an extended warranty of 12 years.

According to MFM Sales & Marketing Director Tony Reis, “We have seen tremendous growth with our PowerBond products, particularly WindowWrap™ PowerBond™ and Peel & Seal® PowerBond™ White 250. Sales for these products have increased in both cold- and warm-weather markets.” Reis added that the PowerBond adhesive system can be applied to other MFM products as a special order item.

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