IRVINE, Calif. — Boral Roofing announced the nationwide availability and distribution of BoralPure™, the concrete roof tile solution commonly known as Smogbody Eating Tile.

The American Lung Association’s 2011 State of the Air Report asserts that more than 154 million still suffer pollution levels that are too often dangerous to breathe. Numerous health conditions are attributable to smog including premature births, infant deaths, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, allergies, asthma, lower lung function, premature death, lung cancer, heart disease and heart attacks.

“The availability of this revolutionary air cleansing roof system across the country has the potential to dramatically improve our nation’s air quality and our health,” said Kayla Kratz, product manager for Boral Roofing.

Commonly formed in industrial processes and automobiles, Nitrogen Oxide is found in high concentrations in metropolitan regions where freeways are prolific. When activated by sunlight, Smog Eating Tile converts Nitrogen Oxide into Calcium Nitrates, which are later washed off the roof with rain, acting as a ground soil fertilizer. “2,000 square feet of the tile can break down as much Nitrogen Oxide as is generated by the average automobile driving 10,800 miles annually,” said John Renowden, vice president of product development for Boral Roofing.

The nationwide distribution of BoralPure will serve the building and roofing industry throughout the United States, addressing a widespread demand for roof systems among commercial and residential builders that are both energy efficient and good for the environment. National distribution of the tile is supported by various eco-friendly manufacturing plants strategically located across the country.

body2Smog Eating Tile is available in a total of six colors, and in three architectural shapes– Low Profile, Medium Profile and High Profile. As part of the official nationwide launch, Boral Roofing has introduced Country Slate–Whitney Grey and Saxony Shake–Kern Canyon for Low Profile; Villa–San Miguel Blend, Villa–Goldenrod Flash and Villa–Kern Canyon Blend for Medium Profile; and Barcelona–Kern Canyon Blend for High Profile.

In a testament to the public’s reception of Smog Eating Tile, the BoralPure roofing solution was introduced to a Focus Group in October 2011 by Independent Researcher Bureau research at the Assistance in Marketing research center, LA, who sought to garner reactions to the product from a wide variety of homeowners. With two groups made up of both male and female homeowners, an overwhelming majority of the homeowners arrived at a positive reaction to the roof tile’s ability to neutralize smog, a general sentiment that the price variation of the tile is insignificant considering the impact this could have on their family and community. 

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