Gateway SafetyGateway Safety Anti-Fog Safety Eyewear

Swap® safety eyewear is a unique and convenient glasses-to-goggle eyewear solution designed by Gateway Safety for those who need the benefits of both safety glasses and goggles in their work environment. It provides the comfort and style of a safety spectacle but with goggle-like protection. Swap easily fills both roles with a simple switch of the temples for the goggle head strap, which is included with each pair.Lightweight and comfortable, the new eyewearhelps prevent fogging—a major problem for goggles and spectacles in humid environments and for jobs that require workers to move frequently from outdoor to indoor environments. Venting channels around the frame reduce the hot air buildup that causes fogging. Plus, all Swap lens colors come available with an anti-fog coating. The entire frame is lined with soft foam that effectively blocks dust and debris. Swap’s large, one-piece wraparound polycarbonate lens offers complete protection and is independently certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet ANSI Z87.1+ while offering 99.9 percent UVA, UVBand UVC protection.For more information, visit