JUPITER, Fla. — The AppliCad Academy has recently been launched for AppliCad Roof Wizard and RoofScape operators. Roofing and cladding professionals can now learn how to use the AppliCad software in their own office and at their own pace.

The AppliCad Academy is an online learning system designed to get any AppliCad operator to a level of competence where most functionality in the software is understood and used appropriately.

This course is comprehensive in its scope and content. It takes users from the most basic level to the most sophisticated tools for modeling the most complex 3D roof and wall geometry. The 3D roof and wall model is key to successful and accurate material take-off — if the model is correct, the take-off will be correct.

The course also teaches users how to digitize aerial images. measure pitch from images and trace an architect’s PDF drawing. Detailed exercises and instructions for both Metric and Imperial units of measure. Competency testing is built in so you can prove your competency and value simply by doing the course.

The course is applicable to all AppliCad roofing software from Roof Wizard to RoofScape. While none of the material and labor options available in the Roof Wizard are available in the RoofScape software, RoofScape allows users to learn how to use the AppliCad 3D modeling tools for free.

For more information, email academy@applicad.comor visit www.applicad.com.