KNIPEX ToolsKNIPEX Pliers Wrench

The Pliers Wrench from KNIPEX Tools provides the functions of pliers and a wrench all in one tool. This new product features excellent gripping, holding, pressing and bending by employing a 10-to-1 lever ratio. With smooth jaws, the tool will not damage or mar work pieces, making it ideal for work on chrome-plated fittings or soft metals. The push-button, positive-locking mechanism allows for a wide range of adjustment positions while the gripping jaws remain parallel regardless of handle position. Parallel jaws hold the full surface of a nut or bolt and will not slip or round out the fastener. Constructed from high-quality, chrome-vanadium steel with a slip-resistant, plastic-coated handle, the Pliers Wrench is a new take on the conventional, adjustable wrench. For more information, visit