WALTHAM, Mass. — SPRI’s Technical Committee and Board of Directors has approved and distributed to its members Technical Bulletin 1-13A: Summary of SPRI Membrane Manufacturer Photovoltaic (PV) Ready Roof Systems and Services. The bulletin contains general guidelines from SPRI related to PV Ready roof assemblies and services designed to provide maximum protection for the roof (and maintain its warranty coverage). SPRI represents sheet membrane and component suppliers to the commercial roofing industry.

“Commercial rooftops are a convenient platform for installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems,” SPRI Technical Director Mike Ennis said. “However, it’s important to remember that the roof’s primary function is to protect the building’s contents and its people from the elements.”

Anticipating the potential risks associated with installing a PV system (array) on an existing warranted roof, SPRI and its members have developed PV Ready roof assemblies and services. Technical Bulletin 1-13 raises important questions for the building owner, such as the added weight of a PV array, the impact of wind and fire approvals and other issues. The bulletin also lists potential PV system-specific requirements from manufacturers in order to maintain existing warranties; project documentation forms frequently required to install the PV system over an existing warranted roof; and general issues and additional services offered by manufacturers, such as single-source warranties for both the roof system and the solar integration.

SPRI gathered the information included in Technical Bulletin 1-13 from a survey of information available on websites and literature of SPRI Member Membrane Manufacturers. As such, the bulletin serves as a summary of the PV ready products, requirements and services currently offered by SPRI members and is available for distribution to customers.

“Each SPRI member may have its own PV ready program, and no SPRI member may necessarily be considered to have all program elements,” said Ennis. “The building owner should always consult the manufacturer of the roof system specified for the new construction or reroofing project prior to the installation of a PV system on a warranted roof.”

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