For more than 11 years now, InterWrap’s TITANIUM® has been recognized as the leading brand of synthetic underlayment for use under all types of sloped roofing. InterWrap’s continual R&D has resulted in the most advanced underlayments available in the industry.

InterWrap’s latest development has been to extend its Titanium® PSU-30 Peel & Stick underlayment warranty to up to 6 months of UV exposure.

Extended exposure offers roofing contractors more flexibility in project planning. PSU-30 provides roofers the ability to dry-in construction projects or tear off re-roof projects and cover the roof deck with PSU-30 as a temporary waterproof barrier until the primary roofing can be installed. This enables roofers to effectively manage multiple projects without tarps or rushing the project to avoid bad weather. Gone are the days of blow-offs and callbacks. PSU-30’s superior tear strength, unique lap seal system and high strength durable adhesive allows roofing contractors piece of mind, assured that their customer’s homes will remain covered and dry.

Titanium PSU-30 offers both high- and low-temperature application ratings, and its heavyweight, durable design make it perfect for heavy traffic application such as installing under metal, tile and slate. Its light grey reflective surface offers a cooler working environment that does not expand or contract. PSU30 has a silicone treated, crinkled poly split-release liner that makes installation simpler and easier than competing products. It also has the reputation of having one of the highest underlayment-to-tile Polyfoam bond strengths ever rated! Titanium PSU-30 also features InterWrap’s patented Sure-Foot™ slip resistant nodular walking surface for improved worker safety even in wet or dirty conditions.

Titanium PSU-30 Ice damming protection is backed by a 30 year limited warranty and will continue to protect your high-cost, long-lasting primary roofing materials long after traditional felt products will have turned to dust!

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