TITANIUM brand of underlayments comprises TITANIUM-UDL™ synthetic, mechanically attached, and TITANIUM-PSU™ Peel & Stick self-adhered underlayment. TITANIUM-UDL™ is a felt replacement, possessing 10-square coverage in less than 50-pound roll, 20 times the strength of felt, patented SURE-FOOT™ anti-slip technology, cool gray color, and six-month UV exposure. TITANIUM-PSU™ offers the same benefits of UDL, in combination with an advanced MDP rubberized asphalt formulation, and unique low (14 degrees F) and high temperature (240 degrees F) "ALL TEMP" performance, all in one product. For more information, call 800-567-9727 or visit www.interwrap.com/titanium.