Leading contractors are experiencing an evolution in their business by embracing technology and learning how to use it to grow profits and revenue. They are adapting and incorporating technology and experiencing high levels of ROI by including it in all stages of a job: marketing, sales, production and warranty.

In today’s market environment, contractors must continue to incorporate new technologies into their businesses in order to stay competitive and increase profitability. EagleView® Technologies, Inc. understands this and has focused its efforts on helping contactors turn technology into tools for success.

The first tool the company invented and released in 2008 was aerial roof measurement technology. EagleView created a 3-D aerial roof measurement report and patented the technology behind the tool that has become a game changer for contractors who understand the report’s full potential.

Last fall, the company introduced wall measurement reports, adding another business-changing tool to contractors’ technology arsenal. Beyond the obvious time savings realized by no longer having to manually measure property exteriors for roofing, siding, painting, doors or window jobs, contractors have found additional benefits in the sales process.

The most successful contractors order EagleView’s roof and wall report and take it with them on the sales call. They have prepared their customized cover and brought along the property owner report to use as a leave-behind marketing piece. The overall professional presentation combined with the use of technology and being able to spend more time with the owner adds up to an increase in closing rates. Increasing closing rates is a great accomplishment, but even more efficiencies are realized in production planning, precise material ordering and accurate subcontractor crew payments.

“Technology should simplify business processes,” said Heidi Ellsworth, EagleView executive vice president of marketing. “EagleView is committed to providing the technology that contractors need to increase productivity, profitability and professionalism.”

With that in mind, EagleView has recently created another technology tool for success: the EagleView Estimator™. Released at the end of last year, the Estimator is a simple, intuitive, powerful program designed just for contractors. It scopes work, creates proposals and generates bills of material utilizing EagleView measurement reports and a national database of products to deliver accurate, professional estimates.

EagleView’s recent merger with Pictometry International Corp. has introduced additional tools and technologies that will continue to help contractors differentiate their businesses. Pictometry Online provides access to the highest resolution aerial images available for use in property owner presentations, site evaluations, production planning and more.

Contractors can easily access these technologies that can take their business to the next level. The measurement reports, Estimator and Pictometry Online are accessible from any location on any device that has an Internet connection. Mobile apps for tablets and smart phones are also provided to make the experience as smooth and simple as possible.

Staying ahead of the competition and increasing profitability as a contractor means identifying technologies and learning how to incorporate them into your business. The competitive nature of the contracting business and the increased operating costs in today’s economy make it imperative that contractors maximize productivity and take advantage of new business technologies that will launch them to the front of the pack.

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